This week I've launched the Better ROI from Software Development LinkedIn group.

I've created this group because I believe;

  1. Every business today is a technology business
  2. At some point every business will rely on Software Development
  3. Software Development, when done well, will materially affect business outcomes
  4. Software Development can be a complex and expensive to do well
  5. There wasn't a forum for business leaders to get help

And this is what this group is aiming to resolve.

Its part of trying to establish a community for business leaders that are struggling to get the desired results from Software Development.

As part of trying to promote my Attitudes to custom Software Development survey, I found it a struggle to find relevant respondents. Which made me think about the community - or rather the lack of community in this case. Thus I hope this group provides this.

So whatever ROI means to you and your business, I want the group to provide advice to any and all questions you may have related to achieving it through Software Development.

Anyone is welcome to join this group; but it is primarily aimed at those that invest in Software Development (C-level) and those that help them to achieve the best outcomes (IT Management).

So whether your organisation has its own mobile apps, extensive line of business systems or just a simple promotional website - I welcome your questions to the group.

#58: The Programmers Oath - I will continuously ensure that others can cover for me, and that I can cover for them

I take the seventh oath from the Programmer's Oath by Uncle Bob Martin, introduced in episode #51, to explore further:

"I Promise that, to the best of my ability and judgement: I will continuously ensure that others can cover for me, and that I can cover for them."

Listen here

About the author:

Mark Taylor is an experience IT Consultant passionate about helping his clients get better ROI from their Software Development.

He has over 20 years Software Development experience - over 15 of those leading teams. He has experience in a wide variety of technologies and holds certification in Microsoft Development and Scrum.

He operates through Red Folder Consultancy Ltd.