RFC Weekly - 13th June 2016

Not sure how I missed putting out an update last week ... must be getting distracted with Game of Thrones.

jQuery 3 RC

It seems that everyone is announcing Release Candidates lately.

Few key notes from the blog article:


Fog Creek have released a new dev tool (same guys behind Trello).

It allows you to build a website straight in the browser using JavaScript against a Node backend.

I get the idea that it is probably a super version of JSFiddle. Possibly I’m missing the point.


A business data tool. Clearbit provides an API which allows you to get details on customers.

Largely this looks to be a lead generation tool.

For example, provide it an email address and it provides you everything it knows about that email address – allowing you to enrich the data you have.

I’ve not tried it, but something I wanted to make a note of to come back to.

Opensource licensing

If you are using or creating Opensource then you should have an idea of what licence is right for you.

This help site provides some guidance of what each licence means and the right situations to use them.

Windows Containers

This DotNetRocks podcast looks forward to the Windows Container under Windows 2016.

Soon the Windows version of Docker will be with us. Is this going to the path to take or would we be better of using ASP.Net core on Docker Linux Containers? I don’t know … neither does the podcast – but it will be fun to see what happens.

Data Science Competitions

Kaggle is a really interesting company that run competitions within the data science community.

Basically that have a company come to them with a problem. They then run that as a gamified competition within their data scientist community. They apply their machine learning awesomeness to the problem and boom … amazing results.

This looks a really great option if you have an organisation that is looking to exploit machine learning (statistics, planning, etc – anything that can based on a large data sets). Would be really interesting to run a trial with them.

Also a great opportunity to learn machine learning and compare yourself with others.

Podcast on the subject here

Shameless self-promotion

Two articles in my ROI series on Linked in, ROI of testing and looking at the Economic Shock of the IT Market

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