RFC Weekly - 9th May 2016


Within mobile development there are many different ways to develop them.

You can start with just building web apps. Then move to likes of Cordova/ Phonegap if you need additional functionality. You've then got native where you have the full coding experience for when you need it.

NativeScript (and Xamarin) sit between that advanced web app (Cordova/ Phonegap) and true native. Adventures in Angular has a Podcast here

Personally I'm not very fond of Cordova/ Phonegap as an application platform – mainly because people try to use it for too much.


Anders Hejlsberg the creator of Turbo Pascal, Delphi & C# talks to JavaScript Jabber about TypeScript.

I found this Podcast a really great introduction to the subject. I have TypeScript down on my todo list for this year’s learning – and I have to admit the article made it even more appealing.

The Podcast can be found here


Seifnode is a project to reinvent the internet communication model with security in mind.

The internet was never designed with security in mind. So much work has had to be done to layer security on top of it.

Douglas Crockford talked to the .Net Rocks team about Seif and the motivation behind it in this Podcast

Zero bugs policy

Interesting article on handling bugs.

In the article the author talks about fix them or accept them as they occur. Taking them into triage and management processes are simply an ineffective overhead.

Interesting read.

Website performance tools

Number of performance tools came out of an Adventures in Angular episode that I wanted to make note of.

Perfmap a Chrome Extension that provides a heat-map of front-end performance. Looks really interesting for establishing what it eating all the resource.

Performance Analyser – another Chrome plugin. Seems similar to YSlow (that dates me) on the face of it.

RAIL performance model

Performance model defined by Google that provides user-centric model for web apps. It measures Response, Animation, Idle & Load (thus RAIL).

Looks to be an interesting model which I would expect to grow in usage.

OCR as a Service

A SaaS service for detecting text in images. Can be found here

Shameless self-promotion

Within my ROI series on LinkedIn, I've taken a look at the ROI of Learning. Anyone that knows me knows that I really value Learning. The article can be found here

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