WebSequenceDiagrams.com and Confluence V3

Currently producing a number of UML Sequence diagrams for a project using the superb https://www.websequencediagrams.com/ site.

To save for posterity, I wanted to add the diagrams to the clients internal Confluence server.

WebSequenceDiagrams provide a plugin for Confluence V4+

However, not all is lost, simply create your own Macro.

From within Confluence (based on 3.5.1):

HTML to paste in:

Then within your Confluence page, just add:


Which should give you:


All good

About the author:

Mark Taylor is an experience IT Consultant passionate about helping his clients get better ROI from their Software Development.

He has over 20 years Software Development experience - over 15 of those leading teams. He has experience in a wide variety of technologies and holds certification in Microsoft Development and Scrum.

He operates through Red Folder Consultancy Ltd.